Our focus is to help improve the lives of people living with disabilities. Help them and their families to live their lives as normal as possible, and be in control of their lives through provision of excellent services that is in their best interest. Our goal is to help participants achieve their desired life goals. We work with individuals, carer’s and others in the community to ensure best care and support possible is developed and delivered to each individual’s needs. For a quick chat please contact us on 0451 603 619.

“We strive to give the best care and support possible”

Community Nursing

The community care service we offer include: public health nurse, home help, personal assistance, psychological service, speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, social work service, physiotherapy, day care and respite.


We know sometimes you may need to take a short break to try something new or to make new friends in a different place or just a change of scenery. We will help you find a suitable place and we will support you during that time you are away from your usual home

Assist Personal Activities

This is an individualized service (for both adults and children) where Connection Disability Services Workers assist you to complete daily activities that are relevant to your individual needs and support requirements.

Community Participation

We know how important it is for you to remain connected with the community you live in and we will encourage you to actively take part in community social and civic activities that interest you. We will help you prepare so that you make the most of the day.

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